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How do I contact Dr. Ellington?
The easiest way to contact him is through this website. Using the contact section of the meny is the fastest way to contact him.

I am interested in engaging you for a speaking engagement. What do I do?
Please go to the speaking section of the website for more information.
  1. Open the "faq.htm" and view the source code.
  2. Find the text between the "<!-- FAQ 10 --> notes.
  3. Copy this code and paste it below itself.
  4. In the new pasted code, edit "faq10" in 2 places with "faq11".
  5. Edit the "FAQ 10" notes in 2 places with "FAQ 11".
  6. Open the "faq.htm" and test the FAQ links.

I am interested in your research. How can I find out more information?
Open the "style.css" file with Notepad or any text editor and find the section "FAQ PAGE". Edit the css class ".faq-box" for this answer area by editing the padding. You can optionally add a border to this area.

How do I contant you for a consulting engagement?
The colors for the FAQ section are using the same code as the text for all other pages. The code for the text will be the "div, table" class in your CSS file. Link colors are defined by the "link" classes near the top of your CSS file. See the template colors support page for more help with changing template colors.

I have a great business opportunity. Are you interested?
Maybe. Please go to my business site if you have a business idea.